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When to ask about money?03 Nov 2011 08:20 am

dollar-sign.jpgThe one question I get asked often is when to bring up salary requirements during the interview process.

Some hiring managers I’ve talked to over the years have told me they don’t like when money is the first thing out of a job candidate’s mouth. But sometimes a job seeker just needs to know right away so they’re not wasting everyone’s time. It’s a fair thing to want to know and that’s exactly the dilemma of one of my long-time readers HikingStick. andrew.jpg

If you missed it, check out his recent post on how he’s handling job loss.

I promised to update you all as he went through the job-search process so below is his latest installment, including his when-to-ask-about-pay problem. He expects to make less money than he did at his old job, but he needs a gig that will pay the bills, and can’t afford to lose unemployment if they pay is too low.

I’d love to hear from HR folks and hiring managers about what he should do to deal with this. Comment below, or email me at careerdiva@verizon.net. (Check out the great input on when to ask from HR experts at the end of this post.) (more…)

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