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Temp nation and the unemployment report09 Mar 2012 02:04 pm

hire-me.jpgThe unemployment numbers for February came out today and many were happy to see we added 227,000 jobs last month and the jobless rate didn’t go up, staying at 8.3 percent.

Well, realistically the economy only created 182,000 real jobs. Why do I say “real”? Because 45,000 of those 227,000 jobs came from temp jobs.

There may be some people out there would don’t mind holding temporary positions, but most folks are looking for permanent gigs.

Many of you have long been searching for a permanent gig with good pay, benefits and a little job security but companies are loathed to offer that.

“It’s cheaper to hire contingent workers, but also more flexible for employers,” Bill Kahnweiler, associate professor and human resource expert at Georgia State University’s Department of Public Management and Policy, told me a while back about the growing practice.

It may be easier for employers, but not on the average working stiffs who want to be permanent working stiffs. Also, some employers may be thwarting the law by keeping on temps and freelancers that are actually full-time employees under the law. (more…)

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