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Rich politicians and sick time28 Oct 2010 07:48 am

carly.jpgCarly Fiorina, a candidate for Senate in California, doesn’t have to worry about taking time off for being sick because her years of service at Hewlett Packard left her a very rich woman. She was hospitalized Tuesday for an infection related to breast cancer surgery and is expected to return today to the campaign trail.

kara.jpgKara Jorud, pictured here with her daughter, had worked at craft giant Michaels in Florida. But when she had a double mastectomy and tried to take some time off to recuperate she was fired as a result.

I share these stories with you to make a point about why it makes sense for people like Fiorina not to want “burdensome” regulations on employers that do things like provide paid time off and health care. (She got a $21 million severance package.) But people like Jorud want such government mandates to make sure they aren’t thrown aside like yesterday’s garbage.

This is not a Republican or Democratic point I’m trying to make. Few in either party have done a lot to support moves to provide paid time off to workers who need it to care for themselves or their family members. (more…)

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