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Transgender men go topless. Why not women?07 Jul 2010 05:45 pm

bosom.jpgIn this day and age, why is it still a no no for women to go topless?

I always found this law to be puzzling and stupid, especially having gone to beaches abroad that have no problem with women going topless.

Why isn’t this one law American women fight? Is it so ingrained in our society that breasts are just too sexual, too seductive, too scary to be exposed to the masses. People even freak out when a woman breast feeds for gods sake. I think it’s great that some companies have lactation rooms, but why can’t gals just feed their babies in the cafeteria or their cubicles?

We women are outraged over the fact that women make 75 cents on the dollar to men and the lack of women leaders in this country, but no one seems to care that we are denied a basic right that men have — exposing our boobs.

And now it turns out, transgender men who have breast implants and look just as breasty as women get a pass if they want to show off their bosoms. Time to stage a revolt ladies!! (more…)

Gay rights: Now you see them, now you don’t24 Feb 2010 09:15 am