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Voters Think Gig Economy is Bad. Are Candidate’s Listening?26 Oct 2016 03:05 pm

gig-blocks.jpgNeither Clinton or Trump have been spending lots of time addressing the gig economy.
But it turns out, many voters aren’t big on the gigs, aka contract jobs.

A report released this week by the National Employment Law Project found that most voters see the growth in contracting out labor as a “serious problem that has harmed workers and the economy.”

The negative view of this growing trend cuts across political lines.

• Among Democrats, 59% see the shift to contracting jobs as a bad change, while 14% see it as a good change; and 27% are neutral about it.
• Republicans feel similarly: 58% bad/9% good/33% neutral.
• And independents 61%/13%/27%.

The study found:

By five to one, voters say that the increase in subcontracting—where a company hires an outside firm to supply workers or uses another firm to do work instead of hiring employees directly—over the past 10 years is a bad change. (more…)

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