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“Losing My Religion” at work13 Mar 2012 04:14 am

religion-work.jpgThere is freedom of religion in the U.S. workplace, but preaching in the office or at the plant can end up making you a career martyr.

A NASA computer specialists is going to court this week claiming he was unjustly fired because of his belief in a higher power.

But, his employer is claiming he was canned because he harassed his coworkers about his convictions, even handing out intelligent design DVDs.

Employers sometimes frown on outward displays of religion even as some employees demand their right to express themselves. The laws aren’t always clearly defined, but wearing your religion on your sleeve in a largely secular American workplace could hinder your career.

Remember the Home Depot employee who got fired for wearing a “god” button a few years ago?

Employers are required to provide “reasonable accommodation for the religious practices and beliefs of employees” under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. But the question is, what exactly is reasonable? (more…)

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