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Why should Congress get along if we can’t?01 Aug 2011 04:46 am

workplace-conflict.jpgWe’re all upset with members of Congress because they have trouble playing nice with each other, even for the greater good of the nation. But maybe we should look in the mirror.

Elected officials don’t have a corner on the we-just-can’t-get-along market. I can’t tell you how many emails I get from readers, and even from friends, seeking advice on how to deal with a manager or coworkers who bullied them, undermined them, was jealous of them, gossiped about them, or took credit for their work. A CareerBuilder survey found that one in four workers felt bullied at work; and 27 percent thought people gossiped about them.

Yes, often it’s a boss we grumble about, but we can’t see eye to eye with our fellow cube mates either. Many of us don’t think our coworkers are very well behaved, according to a Monster poll. Here’s a list of what ticks us off about those workers in the cubicle next door:

> Coworkers who gossip: 35%
> Coworkers who don’t clean up after themselves: 25%
> Coworkers who are too loud: 14%
> Coworkers who text or email when they’re in meetings: 10%
> Other / none of the above: 16%

We might be expecting a lot from Congress after all. If we get on each other’s nerves so much, how the heck can we do our best on the job? (more…)

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