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Future First Daughter: Not Living in Real Work-Life World06 Oct 2016 12:49 pm

kids.jpgI love that both Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump are talking about work-life challenges for women and how they’re presidential candidate parent is going to make things better, but it’s time for a reality check.

These very wealthy working mommies can get their jobs done without having to worry about affordable child care.

Chelsea recently hit the campaign trail for her mom with a nanny in tow, and Ivanka talks openly about the help her trusted nanny provides her.

By contrast, most working mothers in this country face the harsh fact that child care causes economic hardships for their families, if they’re even able to find affordable care.

A study just released called The Care Index by New America, Care.com, among others, found (more…)

Bad Burritos, Sick Employees and The Bottom Line09 Dec 2015 09:59 pm