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Should mommy and daddy network for you?22 Mar 2010 09:06 am

a-mom.jpgI was at the Society of American Business Editors and Writers Conference in Phoenix this past weekend listening to Amit Singhal, a Google fellow, talk about “The Future of Web Search” and during the question and answer segment a journalist in the audience, a mom, stood up to ask a question.

The reporter, who I had met earlier, was worried about whether her kid would find a job out of college. She took this opportunity to ask Singhal about job opportunities for her son at Google.

Many of us in attendance laughed, but it got me thinking about how much our parents should be doing to help us land a gig.

Does it help or hurt to have mommy go to bat for you? Did the mom in question undermine herself and her kid in the process? (more…)

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Work-at-home scams now playing on Twitter09 Jul 2009 08:51 am
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Rolling Resume: USING YOUR RIDE TO FIND A JOB01 Jul 2009 08:27 am
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“Camp Boring” for girls15 Jun 2009 09:05 am
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