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How to quit your job17 Jan 2013 09:08 pm

godzillajpg.jpegAs the economy improves, many workplace experts are predicting a mass exodus of disgruntled employees who’ve been treated unfairly during the economic downturn.

There are early signs of a slight uptick in workers saying “goodbye” to their employers. “The number of quits was 2.1 million in November compared to 1.8 million at the end of the recession in June 2009,” according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics most recent data.

But I’m here to tell everyone to think before you say “f__k you” to the boss.

After so many companies were laying off workers, slashing wages and benefits, it’s not surprising that some employees feel no obligation to be nice when they head out the door, says David Kaplan, management professor for Saint Louis University. “It’s understandable,” he adds, “because they feel the employer has violated the psychological contract with employees, and they don’t feel they owe them anything.”

Whether it’s giving notice, training your replacement or abiding by noncompete agreements you may have signed, these post-employment niceties that were expected once upon a time are not a given in today’s workplace.

Yes, it sucks to be treated badly but you don’t want to burn your bridges when you leave. I know that sounds like an old-fashioned concept. But I suggest you take your anger out on management privately, after you’ve written a formal letter announcing your departure.

That’s what a good friend of mine did many years ago. (more…)

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