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Valentine’s dinner; no champagne for busboy14 Feb 2011 04:57 am

dinner-valentines.jpgTonight, about 70 million Americans are expected to celebrate Valentine’s at a restaurant. And that’s why one group supporting restaurant workers chose today to release a disturbing study that may make you feel uneasy about the filet mignon and crème brûlée you order.

Romance among the under-paid dishwashers, cooks, and bus boys and girls isn’t so sweet; and it’s even worse when you think about how many of these workers have no paid sick days and will end up clocking in today when they’re sick. Yes, they may be sneezing on your romance-laden entrees.

You may get sick as a result, but the sickness that’s endemic in the restaurant industry has a much more serious impact, socially and economically, than an amorous couple getting the flu. (more…)

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