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Employees: Time to care about health insurance19 Oct 2011 07:30 am

insurance.jpgIsn’t it ironic that there are millions of people desperate to get health insurance coverage, yet many workers who have coverage don’t seem to care enough about it?

I got some surprising numbers this week about open enrollment season. You know, the time you’re supposed to go over the health insurance options your employer offers and decide what’s right for you.

Many of you don’t even know the season is upon us or when your company’s open enrollment begins. That’s according to a new survey by eHealthInsurance and Kelton Research.

The study found that:

* 45 percent of those surveyed do NOT KNOW when their company’s open enrollment period takes place.
* Over half (53 percent) said they will simply stick with the plan they currently have, going on auto-pilot at a time when they should be exploring options.
* Less than 47 percent know what they actually contribute from their salary to their premiums.
* One quarter (25%) of those with employer-based coverage report that the longest period of time they’ve ever spent reviewing their options during open enrollment was less than thirty minutes.

This is disturbing because this year employees are going to get an unhappy surprise when they finally decide to pay attention to health insurance coverage: what’s covered and what it costs. (more…)

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