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On this “International Women’s Day” dress like a man08 Mar 2012 08:13 am

working-girl.jpgIn honor of International Women’s Day, we should bring back the power suits of the 1980s. I know, they were hideous, but it turns out they may have actually given gals magical powers.

A study by researchers at Kellogg University found that what we wear impacts how we feel about ourselves and how we perform in our jobs.

“Clothes can have profound and systematic psychological and behavioral consequences for their wearers,” according to a study on the effects of clothing on employees by professors at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, which was published in the recent issue of the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

The research found that work garb associated with “attentiveness and carefulness” actually makes workers more attentive and careful. (more…)

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