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Gals! Want to be CEO? Get a house husband01 May 2012 10:53 am

dad.jpgYes, women can have it all. But just like men, sometimes we need a little help, especially working moms.

If you have a husband, or significant other, and this person isn’t supportive of your career you might as well throw dreams of keys to the executive bathroom down the toilet.

You actually may be better off if you’re a single mom so there’s no illusion that you have support to balance it all.

I’ve heard this from executive women for some time, and this week a great Wall Street Journal article on the top women in the CEO pipeline just reinforces this notion.

The piece talks about all the women at corporations right now who are seen as potential successors to existing CEOs, and with so many women waiting in the wings, experts predict the number of women top executives will double by 2017. Don’t get too excited. The number of gals holding the big corner office seats are only about 14 percent, but hey, any increases would be great.

There was one line in the story that really hit home for me, and it points to how important it is to have a spouse who realizes how important what you’re doing is. Of the ten women identified as potential CEOs:

“… of the nine in the group who have children, many have husbands who abandoned the fast track to support their wives’ careers.”

It’s not an easy thing to hear because it points to how difficult these jobs can be, and how little has changed in Corporate America when it comes to being family friendly. But it should be a wake up call for women considering hooking up with a lover who may say they love you but don’t provide loving support.

You can’t changed him honey, especially when you’re climbing the ladder.

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