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What can you do for an employer?07 Jan 2011 09:06 am

job-search.jpgThe unemployment rate for December is coming out this morning, and whether it goes up or down people who are looking for a new job should be focusing on the job search not statistics.

There are endless things you should be doing to land a job, but one strategy that makes a lot of sense is focusing on what you can do for the company instead of what the company can do for you. That’s advice from Tina Chen, director of operations for Carlisle Staffing who suggested you look at your job search as job dating.

Surely the best relationships are those where both individuals bring something to the table. What do you have to offer your date? And I’m not talking about your body but your mind. If you’re looking for a one-night stand, don’t read on.

“Because there is such a large candidate pool, potential employers can really cherry pick who they want to bring into their organization,” she contended. “Employers are no longer just looking for ‘qualified candidates’ but rather, looking for those who will go above and beyond to justify their seat. The days of working at the bare minimum to earn a paycheck is over. Employers are well aware that if someone doesn’t work out they can replace that person quickly and easily so job seekers need to really stay ahead of the curve and lay their best assets on the table.”

It’s a crummy reality I know but it seems to be the job reality market of today.

So how do you convey the value you can bring to an employer? (more…)

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