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Green jobs are sprouting01 Dec 2010 08:42 am

green-jobs.jpgI love headlines like this:

“G.M to Hire 1,000.”

The best part is the jobs the auto giant is going to fill are green jobs. General Motors is looking to hire 1,000 engineers for its electric car division, the Chevy Volt.

When’s the last time you heard anyone mention a green job?

Yes, it’s been a while, even in CareerDiva. But today, it’s time to revisit the topic because green is where we’re seeing some serious job growth now thanks to government programs that were planted into the economy in 2009. And you all should think about getting in on the tree-hugger jobfest. (more…)

“Overqualified,” aka too “old,” for the job26 Feb 2010 09:46 am

White House Job Summit Live03 Dec 2009 02:43 pm
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Can women be green?02 Oct 2009 08:32 am