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Striving for a work-life orgasm12 Dec 2013 11:29 pm

clit.jpgWhy can we counsel women to have children in their twenties but not counsel them on how to have an orgasm?

I went to listen to Debora Spar, author of “Wonder Women: Sex, Power, and the Quest for Perfection” and president of women’s college Barnard, at the Free Library of Philadelphia Thursday, and I realized she’s just another woman trying to tell young women what to do based on traditional notions of what work-life should or shouldn’t be.

That’s not a bad thing mind you, but her advice is something I would never want my daughter to hear. Actually, both young and old woman should probably stay away.

She pretty much suggested women should have children in their twenties because the fertility clock is ticking. No mention of whether you should meet the right mate first. And she made a point of letting all the over 50 gals in the room know that they’re not respected unless they look 20 something until they’re 80.

To be fair, she wasn’t saying she felt these things, but she blamed big bad society as the culprit.

The one story she shared that got me shaking my head most, was one about a meeting she had with a group of young women. Turns out all these women were having sex with tons of partners; a sign of how over sexualized society has become, she claimed. She was struck by the fact that none of the girls in the group had had orgasms during these encounters.

To that, she said, she wasn’t going to show them how to have an orgasm because (more…)

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