coin.jpgYou have to wonder how many employees in this country are being screwed out of the pay they’re owned when major corporations with fleets of labor lawyers keep thwarting the law.

On Monday, the Department of Labor announced yet another settlement, this time with mega retailers Wal-Mart, involving unpaid overtime and the misclassification of workers.

This wasn’t just a handful of workers who weren’t paid what they were owed. We’re talking 4,500 across the country. And this comes a year after a $40 million plus settlement for Wal-Mart stemming from charges it didn’t give workers appropriate meal breaks and pay.

I’m glad Wal-mart agrees to pay back wages when caught — the latest to the tune of nearly $5 million — but you’ve got to scratch your head over how this happens.

Office supply giant Staples also settled similar charges of misclassifying workers last year.

Is this just corruption by companies trying to make an even bigger profit, or did someone just not get the memo on how the nation’s labor laws work? (more…)