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Two years to find excons jobs12 Feb 2014 09:48 am

prison.jpegCalifornia’s prisons are seriously crowded, but this week the state got a two-year reprieve from being forced to do something about the problem.

That state’s Governor Jerry Brown asked the courts to give him an extension, “arguing that some reforms require the extra two years to provide a permanent solution,” according to a story in the San Jose Mercury News.

Two years isn’t a lot of time to provide a solution, even if you know what the solution is.

About 700,000 prisoners are released every year from state and federal prisons, and nearly two-thirds will re-offend within three years.

One of the biggest factors contributing to ex-cons ending up back in jail, prison experts say, is their inability to find work. It’s tough enough for a law-abiding citizen to get a job in this economy so former inmates face even more of an uphill battle, with the jobless rate for the group said to be anywhere from 40 to 60 percent. Discrimination against ex-cons when it comes to employment is largely legal in this country. I wrote about this a few years ago when states were implementing early release programs and many of the inmates they were freeing just ended up back in jail.

With their recent efforts to curb prison costs, states are potentially just putting off an impending correctional spending crisis by pushing out inmates prematurely in order to make their state balance sheets look good, at least until many ex-cons end up jobless and back in jail.

Many inmates just keep going through revolving doors back into the prison system, (more…)

Arrest, minor criminal records derail job search25 Apr 2012 06:02 am

Freeing inmates into a jobless recovery is dumb08 Feb 2011 09:19 pm
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