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Epic Sex Bias Suit: Will Working Women Win?29 Mar 2011 04:54 pm

biasscale.jpgThe Supreme Court began hearing arguments today in the biggest sexual discrimination lawsuit in U.S. history, and it’s unclear whether working women or Corporate America will prevail.

The case is against the largest private employer in the country Walmart and it involves hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of female employees, current and former, who may have been discriminated against when it comes to pay and promotions dating back to 1998. At issue, is whether this large group of women be allowed to proceed with a suit en masse.

We may not know the outcome until June. June! The anticipation of the justices’ ruling is killing me, so I asked some legal experts on both sides of the issue, to review arguments today and offer a glimpse of how the high court may be leaning. (more…)

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