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“Sorry job seeker, you don’t fit our culture”22 Sep 2011 09:49 am

Career experts often advise job seekers to consider whether they fit into a company’s culture before they spend too much time trying to get hired.

But what if you think you fit the culture but the employer doesn’t?

Let’s say a hiring manager doesn’t think you have the right heritage, mores, values, or habits of the company. I took those words right out of the dictionary definition of culture. That’s what we’re talking about after all; how you fit into a company’s mini society.

bassproshopsheaderlogo2011-full.pngTake Bass Pro Shops for example. The fishing and hunting retailer with stores that include an endless stream of dead animals and a log-cabin feel definitely has it’s own aura, and they make no bones about it. They even sell a t-shirt with the name “Redneck Fishfinder” emblazoned on the front. Here’s the definition of redneck:

a working-class white person, esp. a politically reactionary one from a rural area

What if you’re not a redneck? Can an employer refuse to hire you? The government is accusing the company of just that. (more…)

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