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School bell is hell for grownups19 Apr 2011 03:38 pm

school-sucks.jpgThe kid in the front row is definitely the know-it-all in our class. The teacher keeps picking on him when the rest of us go blank after he asks a question. And thank goodness for the girl in the back row who makes my inability to answer many questions look not so bad. Every time the teacher asks her a question she says: “I wasn’t really paying attention.” Man, I can’t wait until this class is over.”

me.jpgNo, this isn’t an excerpt from my teen diary. This is actually what was going on in my head Saturday when I sat in a classroom for a course I’m taking to prepare for a graduate school exam. My plan is to go to graduate school, but it’s just a plan at this point, one that’s getting shakier and shakier the more I realize how much I hate being back in school.

Career writers spew out advice every day, especially in this crummy job market, but too often we don’t really know the details, the nuances, or the hell of that advice. It’s not until we end up on that advice horse ourselves that we realize how difficult it is to steer, or to even stay on the damn thing.

Whether I end up going to graduate school, or even finishing this preparatory course, won’t matter in the end, because at least I can bore you guys with the story of Reeducating CareerDiva. And hopefully, I can enlighten you all a bit on what to expect and how to succeed if you ever decide to get more education in order to enter a new field or just enhance your knowledge for an old one.

That’s why I reached out to a couple of shrinks to get some words of wisdom on why going back to school is so hard for us adults? What happens to us in the years after we graduate from high school or college? Do our brains atrophy when it comes to learning in a classroom setting? Why are my palms sweating? I don’t have a crush on the quiet kid with the “Starsky & Hutch” lunch box anymore.sh_lunchbox.jpg (more…)

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