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Jobs for women. You know, the soft ones.18 Apr 2011 04:38 am

women_jobs.jpgBy Evie Hayman

It makes me so mad when people don’t take my English degree seriously. Many view it as a “soft” major for people just going to college to get a degree; one that has no use in the real world. As I look around in my classroom, I see mostly women. If I looked in a science-based class, I would see mostly men. It makes me wonder – is English a “soft” major because it is female-dominated?

Possibly, said Natalie Wilson, professor of literature and women’s studies at Cal State San Marcos. “I think that in those areas where women dominate there is this tendency to identify them as soft.”

This idea of “soft” also permeates certain professions, mainly those with lots of women. (more…)

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