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Are the big jobs of the future for you?25 Mar 2010 08:25 am

uncle-sam.jpgIt may seem like this economic downturn will never end, but it will and job growth will begin again.

Economists have been predicting there will be more jobs than people once the Baby Boomers start to retire, and once the economy turns around we’re supposed to see employment opportunities galore. The jobs they leave behind will need to be filled, everything from education to social services positions. And the aging population has created a demand for more health care, and that means there will be many jobs related to medicine.

Many of these jobs don’t involve sitting behind a desk. And many require emotional connections with people unlike anything you may have experienced at the water cooler.

The question is, will you want to take any of the jobs that will be the most abundant? Do you have the skills, or the desire? (more…)

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