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Dad-to-Be and Desperate for Work01 Dec 2016 12:28 pm


Why are we so afraid to teach kids about the real work-life world?

I recently signed up for an advice service called Jelly and was just occasionally contributing so I could get a feel for the platform, but a question this morning was too sad to ignore:

How do I get hired fast? It’s imperative because I might be a father soon!

I need a job 😩😩
I want to provide for my family 😞😞💔‼️

I offered a few words of advice I hope this soon-to-be dad finds useful, but it got me thinking about something a former colleague from Families and Work Institute used to say — we are not educating children in high school, or even in college, about some basic family-planning life skills.

She wasn’t talking about the standard home economics kids get, but the basics of how things change when people decide to create a family. I know colleges have college-to-career courses but too often they just focus on resume writing and finding a fulfilling job, but all that goes out the window when kids come.

Think of yourself. If you have kids, whether they’re grown or still at home, did you sit down and create a plan about money issues once the kids arrived, or did you sit down with your partner and figure out how to divvy up work and home responsibilities? If you did have the conversation, did someone teach you how? And how did things actually play out?

Too often it’s the women that end up with the short end of the stick of work-life ignorance (more…)

Future First Daughter: Not Living in Real Work-Life World06 Oct 2016 12:49 pm