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Finding money to give up your day job10 Feb 2011 05:14 am

iloan.jpgI’m of the opinion that many working stiffs day dream of someday working for themselves, but just don’t know how to fund even the smallest new venture. It’s a real concern, especially in this economy when banks are being tightfisted when it comes to lending.

Yesterday a reader named JT asked if I could offer some ideas about funding a small business. He wrote:

I’d start my own company, but with the recession and economic meltdown, I lost everything and my credit took a tremendous hit (face it, it just plain sucks). I cannot qualify for any loans to help get started and my family is in no position to help in that respect. Eve, maybe you could write about alternative sources of funding for someone who wants to start their own small company.

There are indeed sources that aren’t the regular lending cast of characters, and I’ve written about one good alternative, micro-lending, in the past. It may be a good option to check out for people like JT. (more…)

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