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Female Botox Apologists Hurt Teenage Girls & Society04 Oct 2016 04:34 pm

venus-1221361.jpgWomen who want to empower teenage girls tell them not to focus on their looks because the world will see their inner beauty.

But for some reason, lots of smart women don’t practice what they preach when it comes to themselves or their girlfriends.

“Come back and see me when you’re 50.”

That was the response from the president of one of the nation’s most prestigious women’s colleges to a friend who voiced her concern about women turning to plastic surgery and Botox to compete in the workplace.

Debora L. Spar, president of Barnard College, penned a recent oped in the New York Times titled Aging and My Beauty Dilemma, that got lots of women debating the issue of aging and work, including many of my friends on Facebook, many of which are accomplished, brilliant women.
I was surprised to see how many friends gave Spar kudos for acknowledging her Venus myth acquiescence.

If a woman, Spar wrote, “ignores the process of aging and eases more honestly into her inevitable wrinkles, belly fat and gray hair, she is liable to stand out as an anomaly within her personal and professional circles.”

What happened to seeing the inner beauty? (more…)

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