malia.jpgI hear Malia Obama likes theater, tennis and volleyball. But you’ll rarely hear about that.

Our young girls are little more than eye candy, and even one of the nation’s most respected newspapers feeds this narrative. This week, a story teased on the front page of the New York Times was all about Malia’s fashion forwardness. So much for keeping the world informed.

It made me wonder if Obama had a son whether media would be focused on how he looked.

This section in particular got me mad:

“In June, when disembarking from the plane on an official trip to London, Malia stepped out in an Alice and Olivia blue with sunflower print shift dress ($440) paired with Mary Janes. Stacey Bendet, founder of Alice and Olivia, noted that the dress nearly sold out after Malia’s appearance, but that “Flotus is still the queen” when it comes to rousing sales.”

Someone took time to research this. What about some research into what Malia actually likes, her aspirations, her plans for college?

The reporter could have also spent more time on Malia’s choice to wear a Pro ERA t-shirt, maybe explaining what the ERA was. Yes, it’s a rap group, but it also stands for something else. Remember the ERA? No, well, it’s the Equal Rights Amendment and it would have guaranteed equal rights for women. The amendment was never ratified.

I’ve got a great fashion trend tip for you NYTimes — the revival of burning bras.

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