coffee-mug.jpgThis may be one of my favorite lines from a news story this year:

This is Waffle House, where magic gets poured out like cold coffee.

The reporter from the Charlotte Observer is referencing the waffle chains decision to deny a hard-working employee of a $1,000 tip a kind customer gave her. Apparently, big tips are refunded to patrons on a regular basis because the company doesn’t want to deal with any issues related to customers having tip remorse.

It’s a bizarre policy, but what this displays clearly is that some employers just don’t get the financial struggles their employees may face trying to survive on $2 to $8 an hour (which is what Waffle House pays serving staff, according to Glassdoor.)

In the case of Shaina Brown, the late night waitress, single mom working two jobs who was denied the tip, the extra money would have been a godsend. You’d have to be pretty stupid not to realize that.

It seems some employers just don’t get it.

I get it when employers say they don’t want to pay workers higher wages because it will eat into their profits. And I get it when they fight a higher minimum wage, and any attempts to mandates things like paid sick days and maternity leave.

Such assumptions are short sighted, but I can see why they think squeezing workers may pay off in the near term.

But when things like denying a single mom a generous tip happen, (more…)