I recently heard Anne Marie Slaughter, the author of the controversial The Atlantic article “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All”, speak at an event and she admitted to a feminist reality check.

“I’m a proud feminist,” she said. “What was shifting under my feet was my own assumptions about myself. Not about feminism. I always assumed I wouldn’t choose work over my family but I would never choose family over work. I would somehow make them work.”

So can you be a feminist but still quit a job for your family?

Women have to exist in the work world as it is today, unaccommodating to working mothers and working fathers. The workplace just wasn’t designed with us in mind. And it’s also not only about raising children. Many of us will end up caring for elderly family members and let me tell you, the workplace isn’t loving you guys either.

That means men and women are going to come to realizations that they may not expect.

What’s your take? Have work-life issues been a surprise for you? Did you have to rethink your ideas?

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