google.pngYou would think that when a woman finally makes it to one of the most prestigious tech companies in the world she’s be able to toot her own horn.

Well, think again.

I was disturbed to read an article in the New York Times today about Google’s inability to keep and promote women at the search engine giant. What got me perturbed wasn’t the fact that they were having trouble getting women to the corner office. Alas, that’s nothing new throughout the work world.

What got me crazy was their own internal research as to why this is happening.

Turns out, Google women aren’t stepping up and demanding power at the company. Seriously, women at the top of their careers games think they suck.

This from the New York Times piece:

“Once hired, technical women were not being promoted at the same rate as men. At Google, employees nominate themselves for promotions, but the data revealed that women were less likely to do so.”

Gals!! Come on!! If you all don’t step up who will?

Can someone tell me what is wrong with us? Do we think we don’t deserve it?

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