This is my new standing desk. Yes, it looks like an ironing board, but it’s not. It’s my latest attempt at getting a standing desk without paying crazy standing-desk prices.

My husband saw this ironing board desk at his office being used by a colleague who’s health conscious and wanted to stand during the day.

He decided to buy me one from a local office supply store for about $30 because my makeshift standing desk was getting on his nerves. It was made of puzzle boxes and crates, but the worst part was I couldn’t rest my hands on anything and ended up giving myself tennis elbow.

If you’ve read my blog for a while you know I did a standing-desk experiment in 2010 and as a result realized I would be much healthier if I didn’t sit on my big butt all day.

Little did I know my choice to not buy the expensive desk I tested out, which was over $1,000, would end up causing me carpal tunnel doom.

Anyway, now I’m on the right track and hope this new configuration will fulfill all my standing desk dreams.

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