Here we go again. It’s a redux of the working-mother-versus-stay-at-home mother fight, and in this battle there is only one outcome — women lose.

ann-romney.jpgIn this corner is one political operative, Ann Romney, and in this corner is another political operative, Hilary Rosen.rosen.jpg They’re arguing on Twitter and all over the media about who has struggled most, but you know mommies out there, they’re ultimate goal is political gain, not gains for women overall.

If they really cared about women and their economic concerns they wouldn’t be using working moms as pawns in their games; they’d be spending more energy tweeting about stuff like this.

* The pay gap between men and women. My colleague at Allison Linn wrote a great article today on the disparity in pay among the sexes across the nation. In Romney’s hometown of Michigan women make 75 cents or less on the dollar to what men make, and in Rosen’s New Jersey hometown women make about 79 cents on the dollar to men.

* The powerful old boys networks that make no apologies for keeping women out of their clubs, and corporate heads who play along because they don’t want to rock their cushy boats.

* Moms and dads should be screaming about the fact that the United States is one of the only industrialized nations in the world without mandatory paid family and sick leave.

* And let’s not forget the fact that women make up less than 20 percent of the board rooms and corner offices jobs in Corporate America.

All these issues should outshine this tired-old debate pitting mothers against each other. It’s a diversion. This is a tactic of war gals and we can’t see it because we’re not the ones who typically take nations to war. But we better start learning wartime maneuvering.

If we keep fighting the mommy wars we’ll remain casualties — underpaid and unequal.

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