lumerjack.jpgIf you’ve read this blog for a while you probably know how I feel about top ten lists. They’re funny to read but I try not to take them too seriously.

I’m taking that sentiment to heart this morning because reporter made the list of worst jobs in the country and while my job can stink sometimes I really do love it.

“Many jobs in the media are characterized by high stress, short deadlines, long hours and a poor hiring outlook,” explains Tony Lee, publisher of’s 2012 Jobs Rated Report. “Despite these poor working conditions, competition is steep for what jobs remain after massive consolidation and layoffs in the media industry.”

Yada yada yada…

So, I’m going to include the top ten worst and best jobs here, as decided by CareerCast, but please don’t let it get you too down or too up if you’re gig made the list.

Best Jobs in 2012 and Midlevel Income

1. Software Engineer, $88,142
2. Actuary, $88,202
3. Human Resources Manager, $99,102
4. Dental Hygienist, $68,109
5. Financial Planner, $104,161
6. Audiologist, $67,137
7. Occupational Therapist, $72,110
8. Online Advertising Manager, $87,255
9. Computer Systems Analyst, $78,148
10. Mathematician, $99,191

Worst Jobs in 2012 and Midlevel Income
200. Lumberjack, $32,114
199. Dairy Farmer, $33,119
198. Enlisted Military Personnel, $36,261
197. Oil Rig Worker, $32,132
196. Newspaper Reporter, $35,275
195. Waiter/Waitress, $18,088
194. Meter Reader, $35,171
193. Dishwasher, $18,044
192. Butcher, $29,156
191. Broadcaster, $27,324

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