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Daylight savings worse for weary workers12 Mar 2012 08:39 am

tired.jpgDST is trending this morning on Twitter. Turns out lots of you are feeling the impact of the daylight savings time switchover.

Here are some of your tired tweets:

@HowBoutIt87: So every company should give us the Monday off after DST when we lose the hour

Anybody else still a little screwed up with this Daylight Savings!?! #DST

@KreelanWarrior I thought I was up outrageously early, but come to find it’s already 6AM after the DST change yesterday. Arghhh!

I wasn’t surprised to see all the DST tweets. When my 12 year old daughter came down for breakfast this morning she asked: “Can I not go to school today? I want to sleep.”

It’s definitely a tough time, and clearly most of you don’t get enough sleep on regular days so DST only adds to the exhaustion. One study by Philips Electronics found that workers are seriously tired.

* 85 percent of office workers admit that if they slept more, they would be more productive while on the job
* More than half (56%) of office workers don’t consistently get a good night’s sleep
* Two-thirds (64%) of office workers surveyed believe that lack of sleep means their day begins on a low note
* Two-thirds (64%) of employees do not wake up before their alarm goes off and more than one-third (37%) are not ready to get up when their alarm goes off

So what about a nap at work? It’s not unheard of for some lucky employees. But taking naps may do nothing for the under performers among us. (more…)

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