eve-bare-1.jpgTonight the starlets are coming out in full force. One TV commentator just commented on how flawless one actress’ skin was.

Well folks, that ain’t the reality for many of us out there, including yours truly. I battled acne all my life, and the worst of it came when I was a naive teen trying to get affirmation from a bunch of other naive teens. Well, it never came. I was made fun of instead.

But now, in my forties, I’m able to let people look straight at my face. Yes, it’s still a bit scary to do that, but it’s me. I often wear makeup to hide my flaws. But I’m baring it all in this post.
It’s time we all bare it! One mental health group The Renfrew Center is asking women everywhere to go bare in order to help women to stop feeling so bad about themselves. Turns out, too many of us are defined by our looks and that just keeps women from advancing.

Can you do it? Can you go bare?

(Note: I had my 12-year-old daughter Circe take the photos and we discussed why.)


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