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Be happy your name isn’t “Tahmincioglu”29 Feb 2012 09:02 am

inigo.jpgMy last name has been the butt of jokes and a general curiosity to people all my life. But I never thought of it as a career liability, until now!

I just read through a study by professors at a trio of universities titled “The name-pronunciation effect: Why people like Mr. Smith more than Mr. Colquhoun” and it’s not good news for the Tahminicioglus of the world.

Turns out, people with hard-to-pronounce names are judged more negatively than the Jones and Smiths out there; and, the easy to pronounce among us are more apt to have higher-ranking positions.

The report by researchers at the University of Melbourne, Australia; University of Leuven, Belgium; and New York University found: (more…)

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