a-breast.jpgThere’s a frustration I often hear from mothers who want to breast feed when they return to work. The gripes include everything from not having a private place to pump to feeling spurned by managers and coworkers.

Well, it’s time for working moms to stop whining and stand up for their rights.

A new provision known at the “Nursing Mothers Law” in Obama’s health care reform act I wrote about a while back mandates that employers provide an appropriate spot and breaks for breastfeeding. The Department of Labor has yet to write the final rules on the new rules, but despite the bureaucratic delays the agency’s watchdogs are already showing their teeth.

The department’s wage and hour division, which is responsible for enforcing the new law, already has 23 nursing mother cases under its belt, according to Sonia Melendez, a spokeswoman for the agency. (more…)