angry-eve.jpgI’m going to do my best not to be too pushy in this post. I don’t want to come off as a domineering white gal and scare you off.

Turns out white women and black men experience more of a blacklash when they exhibit dominant behavior than black women and white males.

Seriously! New research from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, found this the be the case:

* Contrary to previous thought, black female leaders face less of a backlash for dominant behavior than their white female or black male counterparts.

* While black female and white male leaders didn’t suffer any ‘penalty’ for exhibiting dominant behavior as opposed to more encouraging behavior; dominant behavior led to more negative evaluations of black male and white female leadership.

“Our findings challenge many of the assumptions in previous research, which has presumed that because of the negative perceptions of both her race and gender, a dominant black woman leader would be subject to a sort of ‘double jeopardy,’” said Fuqua professor Ashleigh Shelby Rosette. “The intersection of race and gender may place dominant black women in a unique position that buffers them from some of the racial prejudices aimed at black male leaders and the gender biases directed toward white female leaders.”

When it comes to white women and black men, we have preconceived notions that may impact how we react.

“Research on stereotypes has shown that white women and black men are viewed as being docile, warm and communal, both descriptively — how they are — and prescriptively — how they should be,” said Kellogg School professor Robert Livingston.

But Livingston said this is not the case for black women. “Our data indicate docility is not prescribed for them because they don’t represent the same level of threat as black men nor do they activate the same level of ’surprise’ as white women who behave assertively.”

DAMN! We can’t get a break. Maybe we should let black women and white men run the world so we don’t threaten you or surprise you.

Sorry, was that too assertive?

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