“Whatever car commercial I just saw, Kelly Clarkson is FAT. Put on a blazer and hide those piggy arms. You live in the spotlight, honey.”

“Kelly Clarkson is fat now. yes. fat. stop with excuses that she just gain a “lil weigh” n bla bla bla. plz. are u blind? she’s fat. F-A-T”

“Kelly Clarkson stop singing you fat cow”

These are some of the women-empowering tweets I came across on Twitter this morning. I started looking into Kelly Clarkson today after reading a few stories about her concert at Radio City Music Hall Saturday and how she took ongoing criticism of her looks and turned it to her advantage.

This from the New York Times today:

Ms. Clarkson appeared onstage beneath a screen blaring cruel descriptors (“fat,” “failure”) and fake headlines — “Kelly Clarkson is fat,” “Makeup mishap for Kelly” — and proceeded to unleash her angst.

It’s a great lesson for women and girls everywhere.

Another thing to consider is whether these ongoing attacks on Clarkson point to a bigger problem. Take the tweets above. When we think about the distorted, female body image in this country, we often want to blame men. But guess what gals, women may be the worst offenders. The tweets I included in this post were all from women tweeters. Yes, there were lots of nasty fat tweets about Clarkson authored by men, but it’s the tweets by women that are the most disturbing.

I know, there’s a beauty bias in entertainment, and in the workplace at large. “The real problem with the ‘beauty bias’ is that it systematically discriminates against women who don’t have the right genetics, lack the resources to improve their situation or simply aren’t interested in conforming to a model of beauty that reinforces racial and ethnic stereotypes while diminishing their chances for self-expression,” said Julie Ragatz, a director at the Center for Ethics in Financial Services at The American College.

But maybe women are behind as much of the bias as we blame the entrenched white-male leadership in Corporate America to be.

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