If you doubt sexism is still alive and well in this world I want to share something with you. Say hello to the boxing mini skirt:


The International Boxing Association, or AIBA, decided this is what female boxers should wear for the upcoming Olympics, and actually sent these skirts to women who are competing now to wear to finalist bouts. Not surprisingly, the president of the sporting organization is a male and so are the 24 members of the AIBA’s executive committee who made the decision. Can you imagine what would have happened if there was one female on that committee. She probably would have screamed: “You’re all a bunch of idiots.”

Unfortunately, the lack of female leadership extends outside of corporate boardrooms to the sporting world.

This from today’s Wall Street Journal on the boxing fashion brouhaha:

The episode shows that, as women’s boxing prepares to make its Olympic debut in London next year, a debate is on the undercard: whether female boxers should compete in skirts.

The ruckus in Barbados last year grew louder when the AIBA’s president, Ching-Kuo Wu, was quoted in a newspaper interview saying the body might make skirts compulsory. The idea was immediately pummeled by some women pugilists, who typically fight in standard boxing trunks, just as male boxers do.

Telling “women boxers to wear a skirt is like asking a female rugby team to wear skirts on a rugby pitch,” or playing field, says 26-year-old Welsh boxing champion and European silver medalist Lynsey Holdaway. “It is a bit demeaning to the sport.”

It’s a dumb idea that shows women are still seen as second-class citizens; that they’re not valued for what they can bring to the table. These are boxers for goodness sake. They can beat you guys up. Or maybe that’s at the heart of this stupid decision.

Are women less scary to some men when they wear skirts and dresses?

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