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Top 10 Diva Columns of 201130 Dec 2011 09:51 am

It was a tough year for people seeking full-time jobs and that was reflected in the stories you all clicked on.

The biggest post for CareerDiva for 2011, by a huge margin, was the piece I wrote on how Corporate America was addicted to temporary workers.

Here’s an excerpt:

drunk-ceo.jpgCorporate America has become addicted to temporary workers. They just love you guys. So much so, they’re spending all day with you and ignoring their full-time workforce family.

You offer the immediate high they need even though they may be trashed the next day when they realize not giving workers permanent jobs could ultimately do a number employee morale and the future success of a company.

The latest poll on the growing use of temporary contract workers comes from Right Management, a career management company that’s part of ManpowerGroup.

“As many as 41% of employers have used more independent contractors over the past two years,” the survey found.

And here’s a rundown on the nine other posts that got the most of you reading this past year: (more…)

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