lagarde.jpgThere’s so much written and discussed about work/life balance today that our brains have become foggy.

We talk about whether kids or our loved ones should come first, and we suffer over the choices we make.

I’ve often ridiculed women in the past who whine incessantly about family, and see themselves only as extensions of their kids, significant others, or family members.

But we should never diminish the family-and-love perspective that women can bring to the table, especially mothers, and their influence is badly needed in today’s work world tainted by greed and egos, in everything from business to government. One woman crystallized this for me last night.

Christine Lagarde
, the first woman to head the powerful International Monetary Fund, was on 60 Minutes last night and she said some things about the realities of life that were inspiring.

She talked about the global economy and what needs to be done, but her most moving words came when she discussed the egos she confronts in her job, mainly the egos of men who control money around the globe.

This from the interview:

When my father passed away and then when later on I gave birth, those are sort of ground-breaking experiences that put everything else into perspective. You know, when I sit in meetings and things are very tense and people take things extremely seriously and they invest a lot of their ego, I sometimes think to myself, “Come on, you know, there’s life and there’s death and there is love.” And all of that ego business is nonsense compared to that.

She really got me thinking, and I realized how much we need more women in leadership. I turned to my daughter Circe, who is twelve years old, and told her, “you can be like her some day.”

Circe smiled.

Just then, my 9-year-old son Cheiron said, “Circe doesn’t want to be an old lady.”

Oh yeah, we need more women in power.

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