occupy.jpgNow that the Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York have been kicked out of Zuccotti Park, they should camp out at corporate board meetings instead, and set aside their no-one-issue agenda and take up one cause that could really eradicate corporate greed.

The cause: Calling for more women leaders in Corporate America.

According to a just-released study by research firm Catalyst and Harvard Business School the more women leaders a company has the more charitable that company is.

The study, titled “Gender and Corporate Social Responsibility: It’s A Matter of Sustainability”, found that companies with more women board directors and corporate officers contributed significantly more charitable funds, on average, than companies with fewer or no women in senior roles:

* In 2007, the average donations of companies with three or more women directors were 28 times higher than those of companies with no women directors.
* Between 1997 and 2007, companies with more women board directors donated significantly more funds than did companies with fewer women—with each additional woman board director representing an increase of 2.3 million dollars.
* Companies with 25% or more women corporate officers in 2007 made annual contributions that were 13 times higher than those made by companies with zero women corporate officers.
* Companies with more women corporate officers donated significantly more funds between 1997 and 2007, and for each percentage point increase in women corporate officers, yearly donations increased by 5.7 million dollars.


Today less than 20 percent of the big jobs at corporations are held by women. Can you imagine if that number was 50-50?

So, are women nicer, or we just not getting how this corporate greed thing works yet?

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