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Is your office costume smarter than a 4th grader’s?31 Oct 2011 09:26 am

charlie.jpgSomeone tell me why Amazon was out of the Deluxe Charlie Sheen mask on Friday?

Something happens to us when we graduate from school. We lose our understanding of what’s appropriate in certain settings.

Take Halloween. My 4th-grader son decided to dress as Brody, the cursing cop from Jaws, because he loves the movies so much. Well, when he realized there was going to be a Halloween parade at school he quickly changed his plan. It was OK to be Brody when he was going around the neighborhood, but being Brody around his school chums and the girls he likes (but doesn’t admit to) was another matter.brody.jpg

“Only old people will know who Brody is,” he proclaimed when he came home from school last week with a note about the school parade.

OK, I said, “what do you want to be instead?”

boba.jpg“Boba Fett,” he said. You know, the character from Star Wars.

Seemed easy enough. I’m big on going to thrift stores every year to get costumes for the whole family, and usually it works out great. Well, my son was not keen on this because cobbling together a Boba Fett costume from old clothing seemed crazy to him. “What about the mask?” he asked. I looked at the character online and decided I could make him a mask out of cardboard.

He did something he rarely does in response to my idea, he cried. (more…)

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