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Should Apple’s Steve Jobs get sainthood?31 Aug 2011 08:14 am

jobs.jpgIf you’ve paid attention to the news following Steve Jobs announcement that he was retiring from Apple, you would have thought he was some sort of divine being. But is everyone overlooking his less than saintly deeds?

The Wall Street Journal wrote following Jobs departure news:

Every generation produces a few individuals whose will to restructure the world in their own image is so powerful that they seem to distort reality itself. They change the world, not always for the better—and that in the U.S. they often choose to pursue entrepreneurship and industry rather than politics is one of the uncelebrated blessings of American capitalism.

Mr. Jobs—who emerged from an uncertain childhood brilliant, charismatic and charged with an ambition that would make most mortals blush—is one of those figures, a fact recognized even before he reached adulthood.

PC Magazine asked:

What event could top an earthquake and a hurricane? Steve Jobs stepping down as Apple’s chief executive, of course.

And one publication’s headline about Jobs departure actually was:

Steve Jobs Retirement Causes Earthquakes, Rain and Hurricanes

Yes the guy revolutionized the technology we use today, but the narrative about his stewardship of Apple is missing some pretty bad stuff when it comes to labor pratices.

Apple’s operations in China, where most of the company’s products are now made, have been described as sweatshops. These facilities are so bad that last year at least 17 employees there killed themselves. But for some reason, Apple, and Jobs in particular, get a pass. If Walmart, Nike, Mattel or any other company had such skeletons in its operations’ closet, would the media and consumers be this kind? (more…)

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