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Are you part of #TeamNoSleep?09 Jun 2011 09:55 am

insonmia.jpgOne of the trending topics on Twitter this morning was #TeamNoSleep. Tons of people were tweeting about how they don’t get enough sleep but somehow they’re surviving, working, and interacting with the world. It’s almost like people are proud of the fact that they are sleep deprived.

So glad I’m not the only member of #teamnosleep - unite my nocturnal brothers and sisters!

working all night then coming home and making money in the market #teamnosleep

Wow. This trending topic totally talks to me … : #TeamNoSleep! But #teamadam is forever my favorite. :)

I know we’re all working harder, and many of us can’t finish all we have to do in a day if we get eight hours sleep every night. But is it smart to be proud of our lack of ZZZsss?

Most studies show that not enough sleep can hurt your job performance.

This from the a Virginia-Pilot article on work and sleep published Sunday:

“We are a nation of walking zombies,” said Cornell University sleep researcher James Maas, who is a consultant for Paramount Sleep, a mattress manufacturer in Norfolk. Three-quarters of Americans, he said, have trouble sleeping at least three nights a week.

“If we operated machinery like we try to operate our bodies,” Maas said, “we’d be accused of reckless endangerment.”

But some people still are no-sleep advocates. That got me thinking of an interview I heard with Tony Robbins, the tall life-coach guru, a few years back and whether a lack of sleep actually makes us more successful. (more…)

Women shouldn’t blame Weiner07 Jun 2011 09:33 am

Helicopter joyriding Gov: Hypocrite, or doting dad?02 Jun 2011 09:04 am

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