desk-fat.jpgGet up now! That back fat you’ve been trying to lose is actually desk fat.

Yet another study shows that sitting for hours in our desk chairs is really bad for our health, and has also led to the rising obesity rate in this country.

PLoS One, an online medical and scientific journal, reported this week that a reduction in manufacturing and agricultural jobs in the last 50 years has led to more of us sitting at the office and engaged in very little physical activity. And that’s made us all thicker around the mid section.

This from the report’s conclusion:

Over the last 50 years in the U.S. we estimate that daily occupation-related energy expenditure has decreased by more than 100 calories, and this reduction in energy expenditure accounts for a significant portion of the increase in mean U.S. body weights for women and men.

I’ve been beating the standing-desk horse for a while. And that’s why I now have a standing desk. Here’s a photo of what I rigged up in my home office:


OK, it isn’t pretty. But it’s helped my bad back, and I suspect I’m healthier as a result.

Here are links to my initial experiment with a standing desk and the outcome.

Come on, don’t you think it’s time to join the standing rank and file.

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