pig.jpgA bigwig fraternity at Yale University, which both President Bushes were members of, was suspended for five years.

According to a New York Daily News story that was published yesterday the pledges were chanting:

“No means yes, yes means anal” over and over again. The pledges were also reportedly carrying a sign that read “We love Yale sluts.”

We shouldn’t be to surprised too that these young kids, who are supposed to be among “the best and brightest,” think it’s OK to treat women like trash.

If you are shocked you probably didn’t check out the news yesterday. The airwaves were filled with new heights in sexist behavior. A former governor fathered a love child with a woman who worked at the family’s home, not to mention a groping history; and new details continued to come out about the head of the International Monetary Fund who allegedly tried to rape a housekeeper at a hotel, and that he supposedly assaulted another woman in the past.

This type of behavior by people in power, by our leaders, and the subsequent coverage of such events, make young men and young women feel like this is just how the world works. There were few voices yesterday talking about how this is unacceptable behavior.

The only sane commentary came from a guy that I tend not to give much credence, addiction talking head Dr. Drew.

He was on CNN last night and went to great pains not to let these high powered men off the hook.

“The part that I find most disturbing is that the public at large is often dismissive about this, and say, “oh guess what, somebody in a position of authority, some male that makes a lot of money, is acting out sexually.”

“Yeah, we get that, but does it make it OK? It is not OK for many reasons, and it says something deep about their personality functioning, about their value system, and also it has such a rippling effect on everybody else. The people that they love are shattered by this. And we’ve heard so much of this these days, it’s almost becoming normative and that background noise affects our kids.”

Dr. Drew believes it undermines all of us. And it couldn’t be helping women when it comes to respect at work. Clearly that’s something women see in the workplace everyday whether it be their lack of advancement, or sexual advances.

What do you think will happen if one of those Yale frat boys who was chanting “Yale sluts” gets to the corner office of a company some day?

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