david.jpgDid you hear? The nebbishy and soft spoken comedian David Sedaris has been named to replace cute, giggly Katie Couric as CBS’ evening TV anchor. couric.jpg

OK, I’m kidding. CBS, nor any major network for that matter, would select Sedaris. Why? Because he doesn’t have Walter Cronkite gravitas. Yes, he’s funny as hell, but could you imagine a network naming this guy head anchor?

pelley.jpgThe actual replacement for Couric is Scott Pelley, a reporter from CBS’ “60 Minutes” and one my family and I have watched often on the show. He’s a serious news person and I can actually see the guy filling the anchor chair quite well. He has gravitas.

gravitas |ˈgraviˌtäs|
dignity, seriousness, or solemnity of manner : a post for which she or he has the expertise and the gravitas.

His choice got me thinking about why producers would ever select someone like Couric in the first place. She was popular on a thin-on-news morning show but who would ever think she’d be the right person for an evening network news gig? Well, CBS management thought so. Are they just giving us what they think we want?

Do they think we’re all afraid of tough women with some gravitas? Are we?

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