harlequingrid-7x2.jpgWho ever thought romance novels could teach us a thing or two. Have you seen romance novels recently? They don’t just show damsels in distress anymore. It’s all about sexy gals who can also kick some butt.

This from a story on MSNBC.com about change in the romance publishing biz:

“The evolution of the covers goes along with the evolution of our brand and what readers want,” said Michelle Renaud, a spokesperson for Harlequin, which started publishing romance novels in 1949. “In the ’40s and ’50s, the covers had a film noir feeling, and women were represented in a supporting role — men took the lead. In the ’70s, there was a feeling of escapism and fantasy. Then we showed men and women in more of a partnership. Today, there are much stronger heroines.”

Women in Corporate America have to take a page from these long-derided publishers, and get some kick-ass on if they want to advance their careers. That’s according to a study that found women who display so-called masculine traits get more promotions than men.

A Stanford Graduate School of Business study found that…

In the business world, women who are aggressive, assertive, and confident but who can turn these traits on and off, depending on the social circumstances, get more promotions than either men or other women. The research suggests that for women to be successful they must simultaneously present themselves as self–confident and dominant while tempering these qualities with displays of communal characteristics.

“Women may have a ways to go, but their ability to be flexible in how they behave is leading to some extraordinary results. Some women are starting to go very high in the managerial ranks using this strategic approach,” concludes Olivia O’Neill, assistant professor of management at George Mason University who coauthored the article with Charles O’Reilly, Frank E. Buck Professor of Human Resources Management and Organizational Behavior at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Time to get the big guns out gals.


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