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I’m starting to do research for my next post about the perception that female-dominated professions are “soft.” Since Google saves my life on a daily basis, I of course start my research there. I thought I would do a quick search on female professions so I could see what the general public views as “women’s work.” So I type “female professions” in the search box. What is the first result?

“Sexiest Female Professions.”

I expected a stereotypical list of teacher, nurse, etc., but apparently Google users care more about what’s sexy than gender inequities. Shocking, I know.

In my anger, I shared this search result with Eve. She suggested I look at what comes up in a search for “male professions.” We were both prepared to be extremely irritated at a robust list of engineer and businesses executive. The first result:

“Women taking over ‘male’ professions.”

The world hasn’t completely let me down!

Then, the next result:

“Sexiest Male Professions.”

Ah, I guess I spoke too soon. So guys, how does it feel to be objectified by Google just like your female counterparts?

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